Tuesday 28 November 2017

Aim For The Stars, Hit The Moon

Okay, so I am now two paydays away from the end of the year. Time has just flown by. I now have a good idea on how my progress on my end of year goals is coming along. 

To make a long story: short, not great, but not terrible. I will achieve 3 out of four of my goals and only miss the last one by a couple of hundred bucks.

Thankfully, this last target is a savings target and just arbitrary number that I decided on. It will not affect anything in the long term. 

The point is that even though I have made my major goal of Total Debt Freedom, I still have goals that I work towards.

If you do not have goals then you are not going to go anywhere. I know this from experience, trust me.

I set goals that I see as a small challenge and work towards them. If I miss them, I get frustrated but I move on. 

What I also do is to take a moment to look back at what happened. I look at what I was able to achieve, rather than what I was not.

When you miss a goal that you have set, make sure to look at what you have done, rather than what you haven’t. 

Still set goals, still work towards them, for even if you miss you will be further ahead than you started. (And that is something to be proud of.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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