Wednesday 18 January 2017

Tempting Distractions

I will admit that this does feel like the home stretch of my long journey to Debt Freedom. I know, intellectually that I have longer still to go beyond being debt free.

Let’s face it, a year from now, sure, I will be debt free but I will also have very little cash. In essence I will be the indentured servant who has just bought his freedom: free, yet poor . . . yet rich at the same time.

Yet it is a milestone that should be celebrated and respected, for it is one that few achieve. It will also be a great stress relief for me, as I will be able to live on $500.00 a month. 

Yet something cropped up yesterday that I probably should blog about. As you may or may not know, I have been looking online for properties, on and off for the last few months.

This is so I know roughly what piece of property in what area of the country is going for what price. I want to have a sense of the land prices before I start to look.

One of my fears is running into a real estate agent version of a “used car salesman,” or perhaps worse, the kind that will only help you fill out the paperwork and not help in the bartering process. 

(Call me crazy but if you’re my Real Estate Agent, you work for me and my best interests, but I digress.) 

Anywhoos, I found myself looking for cheap properties in the city that I live in now. I was tempted to buy what looked like a steal of a deal on a mobile home for $15k.

The thought of buying something and gaining a measure of comfort as I continue down this path was, and is still, appealing.

This moment lasted long enough to be a fine and nice daydream before reality crept back in. 

The thoughts and memories of: Pad Rent, Utilities and the other bills associated with having a fixed address dashed that dream . . . for now.

I know it would be nice, and who knows, in a year I may revisit this thought again. For now, though, I must stay the course and keep doing what I am doing, or I will not be debt free this year. 

I am almost over the hard part: the dead of winter. After which, comes spring, then summer, and yes winter again. All of which I have seen before and all of which I know how to handle. 

The difference that a year will make is the fact that all of my paycheque (sans-taxes) will be mine alone and totally discretionary. That is something that very few can say, and is worth another year of living in my trailer.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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