Tuesday 31 January 2017

Goin’ For Broke

That is an interesting statement, as that is what could happen to me if things turn sour. 

I could end up sitting pretty, or scrambling to cover my hiney. I have been there before, so it doesn’t really scare me. 

Intellectually I know that it should, but I have developed a flair for adventure and kinda like living a tad dangerously.

I have been running the numbers and trying to answer the all-important question . . . how quickly can I pay off the Wanda Loan?

Well, the results have been encouraging, so encouraging in fact that I have decided to enact what may seem to be a wild and crazy plan.

I will leave what I have in my Long-Term Savings, keep my Mid-Term Savings funded to just above its minimum acceptable levels but the rest will go straight onto the Wanda Loan. 

Every last dime that I can spare, each and every payday (along with whatever donations . . . 

Hint, hint . . . sad puppy dog face . . . help save the children  . . . I’m somebody’s child  

. . . happens to come my way) will go straight onto that loan.

This will mean that I won’t be building up my savings at all, but it will mean paying that loan off faster (and thus freeeeeedooooooom). 

I could either be debt free much sooner or scrambling to get a job in a cratered economy, the likes of which Canada hasn’t seen since the 1930’s.

I figure that the chances latter happening because of a trade war between the US and China (thereby damaging us as collateral damage) is slim to none. 

(Famous last words I know.)

I know that this plan is crazy but I know that I just need this last part of this journey done. 

I want, no I need, to be debt free and then putting that cash into my bank as I build and work towards my future . . . I want my paycheque back!

I will keep you all informed on how things are going, but I won’t announce how close I am until the momentous day has arrived. 

As always, Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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