Friday 6 January 2017

Plodding Towards Positivity

Okay, so this is day two of this “I’m going to be positive” drive, and so far, it is going . . . okay. 

Yesterday was, for the most part a good day, but I will admit that I did have a few down and frustrated moments, but overall I did have a positive outlook.

This blog entry is to let everyone know that changing your attitude is like changing any other habit; it takes time and consistent effort.

I have no idea if this will “stick” after three weeks, but I will keep at it, because, I like living with myself when I have a positive outlook.

I help things along by singing a silly song that I have made up and reminding myself that I will be debt free this year, not next year, or in a year’s time . . . this year.

That is something to something to smile about, as it will be hard won, and because of that, victory will be all the sweeter. 

For now, I will continue singing my silly song to myself as I then look for things around me and aspects of my life that I should be happy and positive about.

Dreams and visions of the future are also good motivators in this the darkest and coldest time of winter (January – March).

I will keep going and keep moving forward, but I will do so with a smile on my face and a positive outlook. After all, no matter where you are going, you might as well enjoy the trip.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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