Friday 29 May 2020

Not De-Wintering Wanda This Year

So, I have been looking around and it seems that campgrounds are still closed in my neck of the woods and will be for a bit longer yet.

While it is true that it seems that the provincial campgrounds will be opening up June 1st, that is Monday, as in after this weekend.

So, I could book a site and go camping at a provincial campground next weekend, it is not happening this weekend.

Yet the provincial campgrounds have water at a few taps here and there but only have electricity at the campsites themselves.

So, flushing the system out is not possible at a provincial campground, despite how nice they are.

So, here I am at June and staring down the first weekend in October when I winterize Wanda, and saying to myself . . . it’s just not worth de-winterizing this year.

This whole Covid-19 thing just threw everything off kilter, including my de-winterizing. 

Add to that the block of ice in my Black-Water Tank, and you see why things took longer than usual for me to be ready to de-winterize.

I will be okay, as running water in Wanda is a luxury and one that I can take or leave as it has been so long since I have had steady 24/7/365 running water in my home.

I’m used to packing water in off my back and just being thankful for being able to use my toilet, sinks and shower drain.

Oh look I just saved the cost of de-winterizing and the cost of winterizing in October.

This is just one of those little speed-bumps that happens in life and something that you just have to get used to taking in stride.

Such is life.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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