Wednesday 6 May 2020

New Total Freedom Date!

So, one of the things that keeps me going, as well as freaks me out, is the thought of the day when I stop working for the last time and begin the next phase of my journey.

As in when I start The Homesteading Process. That is where I search for the land that I will buy, buy it and establish my Homestead on it. 

A Homestead where it will be not just Off-Grid but establish its own grid. A place that will always have an over-abundance of: food and lodging for all of those who wish to come.

A place where people can get out of the rat race and do what they are called to do, do what they love, as long as they are contributing to the community in a real and practical way. 

It is a few years out yet, as I need to raise the funds before I can start, and the only source of funds that I have is my own paycheque.

I can’t Crowdfund worth a darn, so I won’t even try.

Anyways, the date of my last day of work is  . . . 

Though this date is subject to change without notice at anytime and for any reason . . . 

That’s it, yes, my last day of work will be (or is scheduled to be) the last day of March in 2025! (March 31, 2025).

We shall see how things turn out, but that is the plan for now. The obvious question is: why that date?

Well, I had thought about working till I was 55 (which would be June 11, 2025. The trouble is that, that date would make me ending work and leaving in late June.

I would have enough time to travel around, find a patch of land, buy it and maybe toss up a hurried shelter for winter. 

If I leave earlier, say, early Spring, I can have more time to search for land, buy it and then actually do something with it before Winter hits.

That and I have the chance of celebrating my 55th birthday on my land . . . wherever that will be. That sounds like a nice way to spend my birthday to me.

Again, this is too far out to etch that date in stone, but having a date on the wall gives me hope and something to work towards. 

I want to live in a nice house or cabin on my land and not in my trailer for the rest of my life. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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