Monday 25 May 2020

I Am Happy, But Not Content

I know that I have said this before and being happy is a struggle, at least for me, as I do have my ups and downs, but for the most part, I am happy.

This is in part due to a process that I went through recently, a process which allowed me to let go of some guilt that I had been carrying around within me since childhood.

I won’t go into it as it is personal, too personal for this blog, but rest assured that it was guilt that I wasn’t really aware that I was carrying. 

Worse yet was that it was not my guilt to carry, such is the case with a lot of childhood guilt, I would wager.

The point is that as a result of unburdening myself I find myself much happier with just being. 

Not happy because of making a large deposit into my savings, or happy because of it being a warm and sunny day, just happy with being.

Yet I do not love my life, I like it but I do not love it. I do not want to live in an RV for the rest of my life.

If that were the case I would buy a larger and fancier one, perhaps one the size of a bus, or some such thing.

I want land, and a house. As I have said before, I have a plan, I’m working that plan, and the plan is working.

So while I am happy with myself I am not content with the state of my life. It is a work in progress and my current situation is but a temporary and transient phase of my life.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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