Tuesday 30 July 2019

Frugal Fatigue

I really don’t know what to call it but I am growing tired of living like I do. I want to jump ahead to the spot where I have my place.

I know I can’t do that, as then, if I did, I would have a mortgage, and there is nothing I want, within the price I am willing to pay, within commuting distance to my current work.

I will be honest in saying that it is the staring down at the five or six years to continue doing this before I can have any semblance of normalcy and comfort.

I do try to make do with what I have and I am working on being content, yet this is difficult at times.

The ‘ticking clock’ as it were is also ticking louder. So, I know that I should be doing something brave bold and fun, and do it now.

Yet I also know that prudence, patience and staying the course for a few years yet, is the best course of action.

It is simply the impulsive emotions of the little child in me that wants to get this boring stuff out the way now.

That is not how life goes, that is not how it works. One has to get through the boring bits before you can get to the fun part.

So, I will continue to trudge forward, and fight the frugal fatigue, as I work on being content yet not complacent. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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