Thursday 25 July 2019

Focus on Successes, Rather Than Mistakes

So, there is one thing that I try to do and that is to focus on where and what I am doing right, rather than where and what I am doing wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do look at where I am doing wrong, but this is simply for me to correct and learn from those mistakes and move on.

At work things are a bit different, and I am sure that my work is no different than many others. 

You are only as good as the last mistake or bad thing you did (or said) that can be remembered.

Work does not focus on my accuracy rate, rather on my inaccuracy rate. As in not the number of orders that I process that are: correct where everything goes perfectly. 

No, work focuses on the small number of orders where something either goes wrong or it is suspected that something goes wrong. 

Meaning that even if a customer calls up and says that they didn’t get something and want another one, it is assumed, even with no proof that I screwed up.

I apply the same process of filtering out the negativity and trying to figure out what I can learn from this situation and alter my work process accordingly. 

Again, that’s life, and it is just the way that it is, not necessarily the way that it should be, but the way that it is. 

I could get discouraged but I don’t. As I previously said, I ignore the negativity, say the right things to those giving me crap, then disregard that negativity; I don’t internalize it. 

I focus on what I can learn, apply what I can learn, and then move on. I remind myself of what I do right and focus on that as I strive to continually improve myself and the quality of my work.

To do otherwise would drag me down to a dark and depressing place that I don’t want to be. So, I chose positivity rather than negativity, out of self-preservation.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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