Friday 5 July 2019

Don’t Dwell On Your Mistakes

I’ve made mistakes, quite a few as a matter of fact and a number of them are documented here. 

The trick is to learn from your mistakes and move on. As in continue on with your life and not look back. 

Yet, it is funny that we, at least I, tend to look back and see more of my mistakes than my successes.

Perhaps it is just me, but my Successes and Victories do not come back to visit me in the quiet still of the night . . . or day for that matter.

My Successes and Victories do not whisper to me about how I succeeded here or how I won there. 

No, my Successes and Victories go quietly into the night and do not come back unless I pull them out and look at them.

My Failures and Losses are not as polite as they come back to me at regular intervals and let me know of their existence.

I have to shove them away and refuse to look at them. I find the best way to battle them is to start pulling out my successes and victories.

I do this not to puff myself up or feed my ego, but rather to mend a battered and bruised one. 

I do this to remind me that I am not as large or complete a failure as my Failures and Losses would have me believe.

Staying positive involves battling back the advances of your past Failures and Losses. 

Remember that they are in the past, learn from them but leave them there, for the past does not define who you are.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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