Tuesday 16 July 2019

Bonus Bump

So, as some of you may know, I earn both a salary and a small commission on the online sales that I process. 

I have no control over who orders or what they order, but it is a small way for me to get a piece of the overall company prosperity; I appreciate it.

More than that, I rely on it as that commission makes up, on average 10% of my pay, so it is a big deal for me. 

It is also part of a game, of sorts, as to “will I make Budgetary Minimum this payday.” 

I have a certain number that I need for my Net Income to be in order to make my budgets balance. This is a carryover from the days of when I was mired in debt.

I still hold true to that number because I have gone through a great deal to earn back my paycheque and I intend to use it to further me, rather than simply take a pay cut.

Since nobody knows what my bonus will be until all working days are over, my bonus part of my paycheque cannot be estimated.

This is not a problem unless Boss goes on vacation around the time that paycheques are issued. 

Now Boss is always diligent about making sure that we have our paycheques in hand on or before payday. 

Again this is appreciated as we have all heard horror stories of people chasing paycheques.

Yet, since my bonus for any particular workday is not known until the close of business on that particular workday, when Boss goes on vacation before the end of the payperiod, this creates a problem. 

Such is the case this month, when Boss goes on vacation for the last week of this month and the first week of next month. 

This means that five workdays worth of my bonus will be missing from the affected paycheque (as in the one on Aug 7).

Now, to be fair, I will get paid the hours for those days (on the Aug 7 paycheque) and I will get paid the Bonus for those 5 days (on the Aug 22 paycheque).

So, this is shuffling income from one paycheque to another. To be honest, I am in a fiscal position to be able to weather it, but that is not the point.

I am grumbling, but I understand it is what it is, my thoughts and concerns go to my co-workers who may not be so able to simply take this hit.

It is just frustrating to have your pay jerked around by reasons outside of your control. 

Again, this is nothing new, and nothing specific to me; we have all encountered this at one time or another throughout our working lives.

As always: Keep your head up,  your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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