Friday 9 March 2018

My First Weekend With A Furnace!

This weekend will be a special weekend for me, as it is the first one with my propane system up and running. 

This means that I will be able to run my: furnace, stove, and fridge. These are luxuries that I have not had in the past few months. 

To be fair, I shut off my fridge in the winter anyways . . . well . . . because . . . I live in a deep freezer, so what’s the point of running the fridge. 

(I literally leave the fridge door open to let the cold into the fridge.)

The furnace is also something I don’t tend to use in the dead of winter, because it just costs too much in resources to use it, and so becomes too expensive to run.

In the Fall/Anti-Fall/Spring, thought it is okay, to use as I can get it up to a decent temp and then leave it off for a while, it is nice. 

The stove is the really nice treat as up until now I have been cooking on my single burner stove. 

I have to get it out and use a match to light it. (Those BBQ lighters don’t like to work in the dead of winter, BTW.)

So, to be able to use these things are a treat and I will make sure to enjoy them, and the privledge of being able to use them. 

Just like in a week or so when I decide that I can start to dump my tanks, I will enjoy being able to use my sinks, and toilet again. 

Then in a month or so, when I feel I can keep water from freezing in my lines, I will enjoy the luxury of running water. 

So, I will take the time to enjoy the pleasure of being able to use my propane appliances again.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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