Thursday 8 March 2018

It Is Done, Now I Move Forward

Yesterday was payday, and so I paid off the repairs to Wanda, as well as the hotel bill (for when Wanda was in the repair shop).

My savings took a hit, but I am still debt free, and keeping true to that overriding principle: what I earn shall remain mine to do with as I choose. 

I still only have two monthly bills. One is my cell phone/internet bill (for three devices) and the other is the bill from the bank to keep my bank account open. 

(Remember when banks paid you for doing business with them? As in they paid you interest for even a regular checking account.) . . . Anywhoose 

I am now focussed on fully funding my INF Fund in my Mid-Term Account as soon as possible. 

I want that bit of a cushion as soon as I can, as without it, it feels like I am flying on the trapeze without a safety net. 

After that I plan to put the same amount in my Long-Term Account before the end of this year (I am still $800.00 short of making that goal work.)

The point is that I need to let this lump and setback go, and just move forward, keep myself focussed on my next goal, my next mile-marker on this journey to home ownership. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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  1. Have you considered switching your banking to PC Financial or Tangerine or another no-fee bank so you don't pay those fees? The big banks all charge way more in fees than they pay in interest!