Monday 5 March 2018

And The Budget Runs RED!

Okay, so starting on a positive note, I got Wanda back and she is all fixed up. I can run my furnace, use my stove and yes use my fridge. So, all in all things are good.

There is still a bit of damage to her fibreglass exterior that needs to be fixed. It has been temporarily patched up for the last while, so it will last for a bit yet.

I do like the new propane tanks that I got.

The ones I had on there before were 20 pound tanks. Just think of your typical BBQ propane tank, and that’s what they are. 

These ones are 30 pound tanks, so they can hold twice as much as the previous ones. Between the two of them, it is like carrying an extra tank of propane. 

The new regulator (the thing that controls how much propane comes out and from which of the two tanks) is an automatic switchover. 

That means that when one tank is empty it will automatically switch over to the other one. On one hand that is great for the middle of summer, so my fridge will stay cool.

The frustration, or potential problem that I see, is the fact that it does not notify me when it does this. So I will have no idea when one tank has run out.

This could lead to me running completely out of propane in both tanks without knowing it. I have come up with a simple solution to this problem.

I have put a simple fridge magnet on the top of the propane tank that I am currently drawing from. I will check this once a week, after work on Fridays. 

If the regulator is pointing to the tank without the magnet, then I will know that it has switched over and I need to fill the tank with the fridge magnet on it.  

All in all I am happy with the quality of the repairs done and the results of all of it. I am also happy that the RV Dealership honoured a coupon I had for reduced hourly rate. 

The problem with the repair is the fact that the cost of the repair doubled due to some unexpected things. Such is the case when it comes to repairs, I know this.

For one there was a break in the main propane line running right under the trailer. It apparently ran above the axles and something in there hit it. 

I call this a design flaw, as there is no way that something so vital and potentially hazardous as the propane line should be so exposed. 

I have more than enough in savings to pay for the repairs and the hotel stay. This does push my budgetary plans back a full payday and into August. 

What I mean is that the fully-funding of my “I’m Not F*cked Fund” or rather putting two years of living expenses into my Mid-Term Account will take until August, at the earliest. 

This also puts into doubt me putting what I had planned to put into my Long-Term Account this year, so that I could put my target amount into it by the end of next year. 

We shall see how things go, as I have always said, the further you go into the future, (planning-wise) the less accurate your predictions and estimations become.

So, it looks like I won’t be actually actively in the land-buying mode until spring of 2020. (Hopefully I will at least buy land before I turn fifty in June of that year.)

At least I have my propane system working (including furnace) and that ain’t nothing!

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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