Tuesday 13 March 2018

Good News . . . I Can See My Sidewalk.

Okay, So, the meltdown has begun . . . sorta. I am still keeping one eye open for at least one more bout of -87C temps and 46 feet of snow (or so it feels).

Under the category of “Looking for Happy News” I keep track of the melting snow on the street, or rather the sides of the street.

Why? Because the smaller the piles of snowcrete the closer I can park to the curb. 

The closer I can park to the curb, the lower the chance that some careless driver ploughs into my home, thereby destroying everything I own. 

So, you can imagine my happiness when I noticed (in my sleeping spot, in my Eastern Home) this . . . 

That is the sidewalk and you can tell where the edge of the curb is. What’s nice is that I am parked “normally” close to the curb. 

Now if I can just see the same results in my “work spot” of my Eastern Home . . . 

But again, I am always looking for reasons to be happy, and for good news. So, I’ll take this bit of a glimmer of a sign of spring (before the snowfall later this week).

As always, Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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