Wednesday 28 May 2014

I Face an Old Decision, Again

Even as my pen caressed that piece of paper, I knew. Somehow I knew that old choice would return, yet still I pressed on. I suppose I keep subconsciously nudging myself towards doing something crazy, something that I may not be ready for, yet may have to do. 

Outfitting Wanda took more than I anticipated (which was nothing) so that took a bite out of my credit card budget this month. Add to that the fact that the payments have started, or will start tomorrow and the reality is setting in. 

I may have to move into Wanda, full time. Oddly enough, this thought does not scare me. It is something that I have been moving towards, you must have seen it. Even if I just Boondock it for the warmer months that will get me back on track. 

When it gets cold there is a place indoors where I could park and live in Wanda, still. I expect that that time frame would be 4 - 5 months max. This is doable and I like the sense of freedom that comes with it.

The amenities within Wanda are greater and nicer than my room and did I mention that wherever I park, I’m home? I don’t have a wife and kids to support, and until I get through this debt relief process, that aspect of my life will not likely change. 

I have some thinking to do these next few days, and on into the weekend. I go back to Banff to finish the sorting out and outfitting Wanda . . . and enjoy the scenery.

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