Tuesday 27 May 2014

I Took Wanda Out to Her First Campsite Last Weekend

Okay, no, Wanda is not my new girlfriend; Wanda is the name of my trailer. No, I am not too lonely, my family has a long tradition of naming vehicles, so I have finally named both my truck and my trailer . . . both are women (of course).

Meet Treabilla . . . Full Name: “Treabilla Westlock”

I have named her thus because, well like character she is named after (Treabilla Teroncia), she has black hair. (You see vehicles don’t have hair, they have paint which is kinda like fur, thus black paint means black hair . . . . yep, thems the rules . . . :-P ).

Also, because, like Treabilla, my truck is:

1) Elegant
2) Graceful
3) Quietly Supportive
4) Always there for me
5) Has nice lines 

Meet Wanda . . . Full name: “Wanda Westlock, The Wandering Wagon of Wonder” 

I have named her thus because: 

1) You “Wander” about in a trailer (Thus “Wanda”) 
2) She is Family (Thus “Westlock”)
3) I expect to have fun and see new and interesting places in her (thus the “Wandering Wagon of Wonder”)

Okay, now on to the short weekend excursion. I didn’t get going till mid-morning on Saturday. In all honestly there was a small issue with Wanda’s fridge door which had to be fixed. Anyways that meant that I didn’t get to Banff until the afternoon. 

I had all sorts of things planned: 

1) To check out the 120V AC/water/sewer hook-ups
2) To put away clothes (I bought a second set of clothes to store in Wanda)
3) To put dry foods away in containers and label them.
4)  To check out the town of Banff (I have seen it before, but this would be on bike)

What did I do? I lay in the bed and dozed the evening away. Sunday morning I got up and worked a bit, I got the food taken care of. 

Sunday afternoon I went to the storage place where I have arranged to store my trailer, only to find that someone had parked in my assigned spot. 

One call to the storage place (yes they answered) and I was told to store Wanda in an overflow (yet still secured) lot. 

I plan to go back to Banff next weekend so I can actually get the stuff done around Wanda that I want to get done. The goal is to get Wanda prepped and ready, so that all I need to take with me is a cooler of foods which must be refrigerated and the clothes on my back and go. 

If possible I do hope to get out to at least walk around the town of Banff, but I have a lot of work to do. 

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