Wednesday 14 May 2014

My Big News

I’ve been holding out on you, but then again, you kinda knew that. I’ll just come out and say it . . . I bought the damn trailer. Be honest, you saw that coming, didn’t you? I must admit, even I did. 

What trailer did I buy? I bought a “2015 Forest River, Surveyor, SC-201RBS. It’s a nice one, with all of the features I wanted (with a number of niceties) at a price I could afford. In essence (in terms of cash flow) at the cost of another maxed out credit card’s minimum payment, I have a nice new trailer.

The dealership was having a big sale, and the price was right. With the money I saved, I was able to get the extras which will help ensure the longevity of the trailer. You know the paint protection package, the undercoating, the 6 year extended bumper to bumper warranty, Roadside assistance, etc. All that and still saved money. 

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. In truth . . . logically, rationally, I shouldn’t have done it.  Logic dictates that I hunker down and simply work and go home spending nothing as I pay off my credit cards and have a very boring life as I watch every penny.  That’s what I should do. That’s what I set out to do. 

After three months of that life, I’m getting cooped up and want to get out and enjoy things. Setting aside a bit of “Mad Money” won’t cut it. The other option is to simply go camping in my tent.

Camping in a tent is a vexing vortex . . . it sucks, trust me. Setting up the tent, sucks. Trying to bash tent pegs into stony ground, sucks. No heat, sucks. No privacy, sucks. No bathroom sucks . . . need I go on? IT SUCKS! (Unless you’re backpacking through the mountains, then it’s a challenge and kinda cool, but in the midst of it . . . . it still sucks.)  

I considered buying a used trailer, some old thing I could get for say 1 – 2k. Where I’m living there is no room (nor desire) for me to store anything outside of my room. That means that I would have to pay for storage somewhere else, somewhere other than where I’m living. 

The thought of paying for storage for some old piece of crap, just didn’t make sense. If I was going to pay for storage, I decided to pay for storage for something nice, something I wanted. I was able to arrange storage just outside the city for $30.00 a month and I can come and go as I please, yet it is a secured yard.

My mother would say (and probably will) that this is my “midlife crisis.” As anyone who has been in their forties knows, when you do something “out of the ordinary” people say that it’s your midlife crisis. I’m not in the midst of a crisis, I’m just in a place where I’m willing to do what’s right for me, and not care what others think. 

Am I trying to recapture my youth? No. I decided that I can’t stop my life while I pay off bills. You have to understand that I’ve wanted a trailer for a number of years. I’ve been checking them out online and thinking about this for at least the past two years. I went to last year’s RV Show (I couldn’t make this year’s) and seriously considered getting one. Heck I bought my truck in January of 2013 so that I could get a trailer. This is not an impulse; this is something that I’ve wanted to do for some time now.

I like the fact that (for the most part) the trailer is self-contained. I can pick up and go where I like and enjoy the country. I don’t even need a proper campsite; that is a luxury. I intend to make this trailer my “weekend home,” and spend most (if not all) of my weekends out somewhere in the country, out of the city.

I suppose I’m edging towards “living out the mandate of this blog” but I’m not ready for that yet. Winter is still an issue but even that I could make do with. I like the fact that the payments on this trailer is about half of my rent now. I could save some serious cash if I lived in it even just during the warmer months. When winter comes I could still find a room, and if not, I would still be okay. 

The trailer is winter rated and can run on propane and 12VDC Batteries. The winter rating means it has thicker insulation and the heat is ducted down to the storage tanks so as they won’t freeze. This will extend the usable range for this trailer out here on the prairies.  

There comes a point when you’re burning through too much propane to keep the lines and storage tanks from freezing. Out on the coast it would be fine to live in year round as the coast does not get real winter and the risk of pipes freezing is very low. 

At worst case, I could still live in the trailer in winter, but just drain the tanks so as to not freeze the lines. Use water out of a portable jug, use another jug for grey-water, and use a portable chemical toilet (or public toilets). This is not a desirable lifestyle, but it is still possible, technically possible. 

I will see how things go when I pick up the trailer tomorrow at noon. I’ve arranged to take this Thursday and Friday off, so as to add to the already long weekend. This will give me five days (okay four and a half) to check out and get to know my new trailer.

I’m going to Banff (yes I have already reserved a full-services campsite). I plan to not only enjoy the scenery and relax but also read the owner’s manual and check out what switches and knobs do what. 

I’m comfortable with this decision and know that this is something I want and need to do. I know what I am doing and can make the payments. What I’m respectfully saying is please keep the “Have you lost your freaking mind?” comments to yourself.  

I plan to enjoy this summer, as much as possible . . . now to figure out a bike rack for the back of the trailer . . . . maybe a kayak rack for the roof . . . definitely need a portable firepit . . . maybe a . . . I know don’t get carried away, I have bills to pay off . . . but I have my “Plan Z.”

I will next update tomorrow evening with pictures of my new trailer and let you know how picking it up and getting to the campsite and setting everything up went. . . wish me luck. 

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