Tuesday 20 May 2014

I Slept in a Parking Lot Last Night!

Okay, I slept in my trailer in a parking lot last night, and it took a bit to get used to but it was a good sleep. 

Last night was the first night that I have slept in this trailer as I did not get to go to Banff, as I had hoped. I was sidetracked and delayed with an unavoidable situation. It is over and dealt with now and this weekend I will go out to the county as I had planned to go last weekend. 

As promised here are some pictures (though not the lovely majestic rocky mountains in the background as I had hoped).

I wasn’t quite brave to camp out in a Walmart or Home Depot parking lot. I decided to try out a parking lot for a casino which actually allowed you to camp overnight. Online the reviews said that you could park for free, just register with the front desk. 

When I did that I found out that they charge $20.00 for the privilege. By this point I was too frazzled to argue that I said F*it, and paid.  As I was checking out my trailer and shortly after taking those pictures that you just saw, I was approached by a couple who were also parked in the same lot. 

We spent some time sitting and chatting about “Boondocking” which is apparently what I am considering doing. (You know, not staying in a house or campsite most of the time). 

It was a nice visit and it was good listening to their stories and tips on what to do and what not to do. Some tips were ingenuous and a bit ballsy.

Such as to buy the special wrench used to lift the lid off of man hole covers so as to be able to dump your black and grey water tanks whenever you want. (Only into the appropriate “sanitary sewer,” access points of course. As for me I will stick to paying about five bucks to use a proper sani-dump station or hook stay at full hookup campsite at least one night.  

Eventually I had to get to work putting things away in the trailer and finding homes for everything. While I made the bed up enough to sleep, I made the bed up properly this morning. This is what the bed looks like now. 

Well off to work to show off this trailer to my co-workers. 

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