Sunday 9 February 2014

Zero Actually Means Zero


I got paid on Friday and I am already tapped out. The important thing to remember is that my bills are paid and I am still above Zero in my account.

I had a few leftover expenses from the townhouse which need to be taken care of. I had hoped to put half of my rent aside this paycheque and half of my rent aside next paycheque. 

Well that was not possible without going into my overdraft and I have already sworn that I will not do that unless it is an emergency. I will admit that there is still the temptation to dip into my overdraft. 

I have been living in my overdraft for so long that it almost feels like it is my money. It has started to feel that I have fifteen hundred bucks in my account when I have zero in the account. This is something I have to retrain myself, that zero actually means zero. 

The thing to take away from all of this is that the savings are not immediate. While I am in my new place and this means that my living expenses are lower, not all of my bills are lower. 

I just filled up my truck (I do this once a paycheque) the amount of driving that I have done since I last got paid is more than usual. This means that it was bit more than I was used to, or rather more than I had been paying at the Townhouse. I won’t see any savings in fuel consumption until next paycheque. 

Likewise I expect to pay off another bill from the Townhouse with my next paycheque. What this means is that I won’t pay down any credit cards until next month. This will delay my plans but only by a month. 

There is always a transitional period with these types of life changes. Don’t expect to be immediately relieved of the financial pressure just because you have moved. It takes time to relieve the financial pressure, but it will get better, trust me.

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