Sunday 23 February 2014

Look for the "Win", in Everything

     Okay it is hard to imagine how time has flown by, I am approaching one month in my new little place.  I just got paid my end of the month paycheque and that means that rent is due. 

     More than rent to be sure, but it is the main bill which I pay at this time of the month. Well, that and my phone bill. 

     This month has not turned out the way I had hoped. I had hoped to pay down a thousand dollars on my first credit card but all I have done is pay the minimum payments on them. 

     This month has been one of taking care of assorted bills and one unforeseen expense (which I will not go into) that I have had to take care of.

     On the positive side I have stayed out of the overdraft all month and it looks like I will get out of this month, still to the positive. I guess that is the “win” that I will take out of this month. 

      I am re-teaching myself that zero means zero and that the Overdraft does not exist. There are still tempting things to buy but what will be the point of paying down a credit card if I will simply run it up again. 

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