Tuesday 18 February 2014

Living on a Budget is Not Easy

     Okay I have been in my little place a bit over two weeks now. I have had one paycheque and this Friday I will have another one. I have settled into a bit of a routine; albeit a bit of a dull one.  

     I get up early, play a bit of Lord of The Rings Online, then do some sort of writing or website work for my TV show. Then I get ready and go to work. After work I come home and relax while watching TV. I try to do some work but I just seem to veg out. 

     As I have said before, if you don’t have any cash it is easy to stay on budget. You literally can’t spend what you don’t have. 

     The trick is to not spend money when you have it available to you. That is the problem that I am now dealing with. I still have the impulse to spend and buy some large ticket item, just because I can.  . . . I am working on this. 

     I have noticed that I do tend to cheat the system a bit and buy little things here and there. A fast food lunch here, a small household item there. 

     These are not large purchases and they are not that frequent. As well I am still above Zero in the bank account but I am still spending when I should not. 

    I am on track to get these bill s paid down but it is frustrating not seeing any real progress. I simply made minimum payments this month and won’t make a large payment till a month from now. 

     I do hope to make a larger than usual payment on the seventh but it won’t be until March 22 that I will be able to make a serious dent in the first credit card. On a spread sheet the months just fly by but in real life they trickle by. 

     I am trying to curb my spending habits but so far I have not succeeded. I am at least slowing down my spending, and that is some measure of progress.  

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