Monday 27 January 2020

Won’t Get Stuck Again

(At least when it comes to a dead truck battery.) You see, I bought a new pair of Jumper Cables, an extra long pair, as long as 25 feet long.

The idea is that if I need to jump start the truck again, I can just jump start the truck from Wanda’s batteries. Don’t believe me? 

Now, it may not actually reach, or if it does it will be a bit of a stretch, however I know that I will be able to get this jump start done. 

How? Well, I still have my original pair of jumper cables and so I can do the dangerous thing of connecting one set of jumper cables to the other in order to reach both batteries.

I will have to be careful to ensure that the clips that would be on the ground don’t touch. As in the jumper cable ends that would clip onto each other. 

This is because those clips would be live with direct and unfused battery power. So wrapping one or both in something non-conductive to keep them from touching would be essential. 

I may end up buying another set of shorter jumper cables (that match these new ones) as they are 1 gauge wire and the others are . . . old and I’m pretty sure not as thick of wire.

Anyways, the idea with this purchase was to be self-contained and self-sufficient so that if I happen to be in a place where the tuck won’t start, I can just jump start myself.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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