Monday 6 January 2020

The Homestead Archive Grows

Okay, so a healthy portion of the books that I ordered before I left for my Christmas Break has arrived.

There are a few more but this bunch doubled what I had in the Archives already. This bunch filled the storage tub that I bought specifically for these books to be stored in.

This means that if and when I buy more books, that I will have to buy yet another storage tub. 

This brings me to another point; I will hold off on buying more books at least for now. 

Also I am looking forward to spring so I can have another spring cleaning and turf a bunch of stuff that I am carting around yet don’t use.

I will be ever more vicious this time, and get rid of everything that I don’t need. I am carrying around too much weight, I know that.

My needs change and what I need changes with it. Fluffy, extras are not needed right now and there is very little in my life that holds sentimental value to me.

My life is about weight and necessity as I get through this ultra-frugal phase of my life in order to finally have that home and land that I want. 

The home and land that I want to be generous with as I help others (I’m twisted that way).

For now, I will celebrate having about the minimum books that I feel are necessary to have in my ever growing Homestead Archives.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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