Tuesday 7 January 2020

New Year, New Budgeter

So, this is the day when I change from one “Budgeter” to another. Meaning I am now officially, and fiscally, into 2020.

You see, each of my Payday Budgets runs from the morning of one payday to the morning of the other. 

As in, from the time that I deposit one paycheque, to the time that I deposit the next.

So, since this is the morning of January 7, this means that my Payday Budget Cycle for the paycheque of December 22 has officially ended and the Payday Budget Cycle for the paycheque of January 7 has officially begun.

So, this means that my Payday Budgeter for 2019 is now in the digital archives and I have moved into my Payday Budgeter for 2020.

With all of the uncertainty in the world I am still uncertain of the wisest course of action, with regards to building my savings/investments.

I am still going to continue on the boring path of putting cash in the bank so that I will finally be in the place where I could buy land and a home if I wanted to (and do so by paying cash).

Next year is next year, and I will decide what next year’s plan is next year. For now, I will be just putting cash in the bank (as much as I can).

I still reserve the right to change my mind if the realities of our unstable world changes significantly.

For now, I am focussed on building my savings and in so doing, building the possibilities for my future.

And doing so by using my new Payday Budgeter.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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