Friday 22 March 2019

Work On The Now

All I can really do, is work on the here and now, and continue to move forward. In essence that is all I really can do.

I still have some things to figure out, like what I really want to do, and how I want to do it. 

Yet, I still have to refocus on what I have to do here, now, today to move myself forward towards those goals.

That means getting my budget back on track and dealing with the new realities of the next few months. 

I can and will get it done, just like I will figure out my next steps. As in what I want to do for the coming winter.

Do I want to rent a room? Rent one just for the winter? Buy a condo/house? These are questions that are still rattling around in my head.

I will not even try to force an answer to them today, this week or even this month. I will just let the answer come to me, when it is ready.

All I can really do, is work on the here and now, as I move forward in the direction of my goals.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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