Friday 31 August 2018

Good Boy, To Get Ahead

Okay, so since today is the Friday of the Labour Day Long Weekend, this means that I am being tempted to run to the hills.

I also know that since it is the beginnings of September, that October is coming and with it the Winterizing of Wanda. 

Whether winter comes in a day or months from now, it doesn’t matter, I lose my indoor plumbing. 

Whenever the RV Dealership has their special day to winterize the trailer (in early October) I pay to have Wanda Winterized. 

This means that I lose the use of my fresh water lines until spring (when I de-winterize).

So, this particular weekend I have been particularly tempted to run to a full hook-up campground so as to be able to splurge and have an actual shower in my trailer and do other silly things like not care about how much water I am using. (Wasteful I know).

Yet, in order to do that it would cost the camping fees (which is more for a long weekend as there is an extra day) and also the fuel costs to drive to and from the campsite.

This time, if I do this I am stealing from my savings and in so doing putting my fiscal plans in jeopardy. 

I have a timeline and goals and as silly as it may sound, I have things that I want to get done before this year is out. 

Things that are (as is normal for me) ambitious goals; yet they are goals that I can accomplish, if I am a good boy and not spend extravagantly. 

I can spend a little bit along the way on cash and get a few things, even go for a weekend of camping, just not this month. 

This month I have been focusing on another small task, all focussed on getting myself further ahead, one step at a time, one payday at a time.

You know . . . if I continue to be a good boy.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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