Wednesday 22 August 2018

Pained, Yet Necessary, Balance

Okay, today is payday, and so this is the day that I have been working towards. I have had a few goals that I have wanted to achieve by this payday.

The first is to fully-fund my Mid-Term Account and the second is to get myself out of my Personal Overdraft.

Things were a bit tighter than I had expected, and I had to make a few minor cutbacks, yet I have made it, I have done both of those things.

I am still moving forward, and I have much more saving to do, yet I have a slightly larger cushion than before. 

Again, each payday is one step forward, and it can be frustrating to wait two weeks to take a step forward. 

This is why I need to stop to take notice of what I have accomplished this payday. (Or rather, what I will accomplish, this evening, after going to the bank and running around).

I think one of my larger accomplishments was one of my earlier ones, that was the ability to leave cash in the bank and not spend it. 

I used to spend with my debit card all the time on whatever I felt like. That was a steady drain on my finances and that one habit prevented me from getting anywhere.

(But I digress.)

It is good to accomplish a goal that I have had on my board for a while now (fully fund my Mid-Term Account.)

Now I will start building my Long-Term Account! 

(Well, yes, but technically I will temporarily put that cash in my Mid-Term Account as the Long-Term Account doesn’t pay any interest on balances less than $5K.)

Anyway, the fact remains that this is a pivoting payday, in so far as I have accomplished one larger goal and I am working towards another one. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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