Wednesday 15 August 2018

Banks Terrify Me

In one week, I will have finally stashed away enough cash to last me one year, this is half -way to my initial goal of having two year’s worth of living expenses stashed away.

With me starting to have something called a “Long-Term Savings” my thoughts are now turning towards what to do with them?

Sure, I have had Long-Term Savings before, but it was always with a stated goal of draining them to pay off a large loan (Truck then Wanda).

This is putting cash away for a longer term, and so I am looking what to do to keep them safe but also grow them. 

Yet, I only have 4 years to grow them before I start to eat into them. 

So, playing the stock market is not an option, as I am not an investing savant and I absolutely need my balance to be assured and guaranteed.

Therein lies the problem, where to put my savings and how to grow them. 

Another complication is that as a result of all of my investigations into the financial and banking system, putting my faith in them terrifies me. 

Especially after knowing how currency is created and what it is actually worth, at the end of the day . . . nothing. 

(As in there is nothing of real, tangible value backing it, and it is literally created out of thin air by the banks.)

No matter how this scares me, there really are no other realistic savings options. I will keep looking into this as I plod on forward with my savings.

After all, all I really need is for the financial world to keep spinning for 5 – 6 years. (Just long enough for me to get my land and get the homesteading process well underway.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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