Thursday 27 April 2017

Wanda Payment Update

Every second Thursday has become one of my favourite days. That’s because it is a Wanda Payment Thursday! 

I know that you must be thinking that I am nuts (for a myriad of reasons to be sure) but specifically for looking forward to making loan payments.

Why? You ask? Well, this is because I get to see just how much extra of a bite this payment will take out of the principle. 

As I have said before, back when I was only making my regular payments the extra amount taken off of the principle each payday was ten cents. 

Now, I get to see just how much more that amount is, currently it is fluctuating around the three dollar mark!

In fact, today that amount was up to $3.50! ($3.52 to be exact). I always imagine some banker throwing a hissy fit every time this happens . . . it makes me happy.

This goes to show that there are three things that people should learn from this when it comes to loans. 

1. Ensure that your bank will let you make as many extra payments on that loan as you want.
2. Ensure that any and all extra payments go directly to the principle.
3. Regularly make extra payments, even if it is just $50.00 a payday.

If any of you have learned anything from this blog and watching my Wanda Paydown Struggle, those three things should be it.

I will keep trudging along forward and keep a positive attitude about the future, despite the doom and gloom there seems to be with regards to global politics. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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