Tuesday 25 April 2017

Stereo Woes

One of the other things that I did over the weekend was to look at a few items around Wanda that needed attention. One of those things was indeed Wanda’s Stereo. 

The stereo in Wanda is connected to a set of speakers inside as well as another set outside. As you can guess it is not only a radio but a CD/MP3 player as well as the DVD player for the TV.

Mostly I use it to listen to the radio. Well a few weeks ago the left channel started to drop in and out until it finally just went silent, on both sets of speakers.

The way the stereo is mounted in the cabinet, I can’t take it out with the slideout in, as it blocks it. I can still  get to it to use it, I just can’t take it out.

Well, since I was at my Western Home over the weekend, I could finally pull it out and check the wiring. 

My first suspect (and hope) was that a wire had worked loose in the back. That way, all I had to do to fix it was reconnect the wire and improve the connection. 

No such luck, no matter what I did that left channel still wouldn’t work. Then I did what I didn’t want to do . . . I pulled out the old radio, Wanda’s original stereo.

Since I bought the exact same model, all I had to do was pull the stereo out and connect the antenna, video output and wiring harness.

This fixed it, it is in fact something within that new stereo that has broken, the one I bought back in November.

Now I have Wanda’s old stereo back installed and so sure I have both channels working but the only way I can turn it on and off is with the remote control. (The power button on the stereo is broken off.)

I already called the place that I bought the stereo from but got nowhere, so I sent an email . . . that was yesterday morning.

I will wait until tomorrow morning until I try to call again. I fear I will be told to bugger off and contact the manufacturer on my own.

I am hoping that there is a one year warranty and not some useless ninety day warranty.

We shall see, but the one thing I am not doing is buying another stereo anytime soon, and certainly not this model if I can help it. 

At least I still have tunes, and I am still on track to be Totally Debt Free come October. That is more important than some stereo, after all.

As always, Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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