Friday 17 February 2017

Winter Baiting

Okay, so on one hand I am just adapting to the weather conditions, but on the other hand I feel like I am poking Old Man Winter in the eye with a stick.

As I have said before, I adapt what I am doing to the current weather conditions, or at least the current temperatures. 

Lately, I have been sneaking into Spring/Fall Mode, yet not entirely. I have not started to use my gray water tanks, yet I have started to use my toilet. 

(Peeing by a fence, or trudging to the nearest coffee shop in search of a toilet is not fun.)

I have even put the -40C Rated Sleeping Bag away and actually slept in regular sheets last night . . . Ooooo almost like a “normal” person.

I know that more cold will come, yet I still am holding out hope that the weather will dance around zero until the coming of Anti-Fall.

Whatever happens, I will of course adapt and adjust what I am doing to survive. For now, though, I will enjoy the warmer weather and take advantage of it. 

I also know that I may have to dump my tanks in a hurry ($3.00 well spent, I say.)

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

1 comment:

  1. Didn't we already go over this potty business...? Ok, ok...$3 ain't bad. Have a great weekend!
    (the worst of winter is behind us)