Monday 27 February 2017

I Had A Good Laugh This Weekend

It was Friday Evening, and all of my weekly running around was done. I then settled down to do something I shouldn’t put off for long.

I get out of work early on Fridays and so I make a point to do my grocery shopping and check my mail. 

After that I go back to my little spot where I park to sleep and stay there for the weekend. 

I live an exciting life, I know, after all this is the one weekly trip out (and it is only a few blocks away).

This Friday I did my taxes. I decided not to put it off because I had both the T4 from work and the slip from my RRSP. So, I had everything that I needed to do it, so I did it.

I used a reputable online software/website to do the taxes and just filled in the boxes and blanks, double checking for accuracy. 

I am not one to fudge the numbers, and certainly not when it comes to taxes!

I had a hearty laugh when the software reported a nice and healthy tax refund. I of course have no faith whatsoever that I will see anything near that amount.

In fact I don’t budget for any tax refund at all, I consider it bonus money. Why? 

Well, with me at least, the Taxman has a history of turning a modest refund into a miniscule bill (as in the famous $24 tax bill).

Last year my refund was cut in half (for no stated reason whatsoever). So this year, if I get anything, I will just celebrate that and stuff it into the Long-Term Savings.

It would be nice if the stars aligned and I got that nice healthy refund, as that alone could almost shift Total Debt Freedom Day up yet another month. 

Again, I will remain calm and just be thankful for whatever amount I get back. It is my way of looking to see the positive in all of this. 

After all, no matter what, I will be totally debt free this year (economic calamity notwithstanding).

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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