Tuesday 21 February 2017

Hello, Goodbye Western Home

So, with this past weekend being a long weekend, I decided to chance it and sneak back into my Western Home. I haven't been there in months and decided to try going back there again.

It was nice to be able to put my stabilizer jacks down and the slide-out out. That and not having large trucks zipping by two feet from my window was also a plus.

I noticed the same few RV’s there in the same spots, so I figured that I would be okay. I circled the parking lot, looking for the right spot. 

I picked an out of the way spot that was in an isolated part of the parking lot and made myself at home. 

I found that being in the parking lot of a large store with many others right nearby was a bit of a challenge for the budget. 

There was lots of those little things, things that you would like, but don’t need right now. I bought a few of those things, because I was constantly in the store’s parking lot.

Then there was what happened around two yesterday afternoon. There I was sitting in my trailer, listening to music while the generator droned on, charging the batteries (and everything else).

Then a yellow SUV pulled up beside my trailer a few feet away (and I mean a few feet). 
I noticed that this SUV was not marked in anyway so this was not security or so forth.

The driver then took a picture with their phone even before I did what came naturally to me. 

I opened my door and proudly stood in the doorway as I waved at them. I didn’t have enough time to take a picture myself. 

I didn’t bother to challenge them even as they pulled up next to the next nearest RV in the parking lot and did the same thing. 

I just packed up and left, knowing that my welcome had been worn out. I won’t be back.

I could have stayed but since I sleep where I stay I need to feel comfortable being parked in a certain area.

This has killed that area for me, as I know that I am not welcome there, I tried to make arrangements but the management there was immovable in their position.

I will respect their right to limit who comes onto their property and for how long they can stay. After all, it is their right as the owners of that land. 

It is just an inconvenience for me and takes away the one nice place that I found.  

It was there, in my western home that I could have a little bit nicer of a weekend, with that extra space both in the trailer and around me.

I will be okay, I will adapt and adjust to what has happened, that is the mainstay of this lifestyle: adapting and adjusting. 

I keep myself focussed on my goals of debt freedom, and land ownership, that keeps me going. That is worth a bit of uncomfortable living now. 

As always: keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward.

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