Wednesday 15 February 2017

Unwelcoming Western Home

On Friday, I had to do my laundry, no big deal. The Laundromat that I frequent is not that far from my Western Home. 

After doing my laundry I decided to swing by my Western Home and see if I could talk to someone about returning to stay there. 

As I pulled into the parking lot I was emboldened to see the same regular motorhomes still there. Suspiciously seeming to be in the same places.

When I talked to the manager on duty, however, I got the same line about that they don’t allow that sort of thing and that people can only stay for 24 hours.

I was trying to get them to allow me to stay there just on weekends and in return I would do my weekly grocery shopping there (as I had done in the past).

No amount of reasoning on my part could shift their firm commitment to the policy. I will admit that this person was not at liberty to diverge from said policy.

I even pointed out that I recognized a few montorhomes out in the parking lot that appeared to never have moved. I got a grumbling about their working on it. 

I gave up and left.

I may return on the long weekends(s) as the person I spoke to admitted that they are more lax on those weekends. I will not, however, return before then and just “risk it.”

For me, getting that tag on my window telling me to leave is an insult. If you have a problem with me being there, talk to me, I’ll move. 

Besides, with me staying in my Eastern Home, even on weekends, I am saving more in fuel by not driving anywhere I don’t absolutely have to.

Since I am in the last home stretch of this push to be totally debt free, I am saving as much cash as I can in all areas of my life in order to make that day come a little bit sooner.

That is worth a little bit of discomfort, to me anyways.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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