Wednesday 20 January 2016

Writing Dry Spell

For reasons that I can’t explain, I am in a bit of a dry spot when it comes to my writing. I just seem to have temporarily lost the gumption to sit down and write. I have a few projects to work on, I have ideas there to write, but to sit down and write them just seems pointless.

I will get over this, I will get on with it and write my ideas and sure enough finish book two. It just seems silly to be writing if nothing comes of the works that I have already written (enter literary agent and/or publisher).

Self-publishing is out as you need to fund it yourself and also promote it too, I simply can’t promote anything worth beans.  

This is just a bit of the winter doldrums as I simply loath the cold, I can take it, I can do it, but I don’t have to like it. 

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