Friday 8 January 2016

Lots of Frozen Nights in my Future

So, I did a bit of preliminary research on my next wintering over options (for next winter) and the outlook is not good. Sure there are some options and in a strictly logical sense what I should do is clear. We humans are rarely so “Vulcan” in our decision making. 

I confirmed that in my area there are one, maybe two campgrounds that operate year round and have monthly rates. The most likely one is outside of the city and directly diagonally across the city from me. 

The first problem with this option is that it would mean a long commute for me, so more gas. The other problem is that this option will cost between $750.00 - $850.00 per month, plus electricity.

Conversely I could rent a room, not far from work for about $450.00 per month. Even if you factor in $50.00 for a storage fee for Wanda, that is still $500.00 and I am toasty warm all winter, with internet, running water, a toilet, shower, and everything.

Still, there is that nagging voice which still tells me that moving out of Wanda, until total debt freedom is some sort of capitulation. Even plugging in somewhere kinda feels like cheating, in a way. 

I am not about to spend $1000.00 per month just for my comfort and still live in Wanda. $500.00 is about what I would be willing to spend, but still, moving out of Wanda, as hard as it is for anyone else to understand, just feels wrong. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy shaking my water container up like a martini shaker every eight hours or so, just so some water will still flow out of it. The list of what I hate about winter is long and has been exhausted in this blog, yet still I will persevere. 

The really cold of winter will only last for two, perhaps three months, and then it will get steadily warmer. Soon I will be able to use my gray and black water tanks again and then eventually I will be able to use my fresh water tanks again. Things will get better and things will improve, in: temperature, living conditions and yes financially. 

I can get through this.

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