Thursday 28 January 2016


Okay, so for one thing, I am happy to report that my fridge does still work, it just needs to run when it is above freezing outside. 

It is a bit of a quirk, but what it means for me is that I need to watch the weather. When it is a warm day, run the fridge, when it is a below zero day, leave the freezer door open.  

Ah the things I have to do just to keep my frozen food frozen. Thanks to the warm weather we are having I was able to run the freezer and refreeze my food . . . yay.

As far as the financial planning goes, I was able to find a “high interest” savings account in the world of that stock trading account that I have access  to. 

It functions like an actual savings account with safe and secure principle and a modest interest rate. 

I may diversify down the road as with financial planning, if you are not making at least the inflation rate, you are losing money. 

For now, it will do and more specifically it is just right for the “Long Term Savings” which I will start using in May, once my Contingency Fund (Mid-Tern Savings) is topped up. 

All in all, things are looking up, so there is that. After all, for the last few nights I was actually able to lock my door without fear that it would be frozen shut by morning.

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