Wednesday 5 March 2014

OOOh Gotta Love Pie Charts

Now I can see my financial situation in graphs, charts and pictures . . . mmm charts. I bought a pseudo accounting software. While this is not full blown accounting software it is close. 

The nice thing is that I can download my statement in a special format and dump it into this software and it figures out what is what. 

I can then go through and change what item actually goes into what category (ie: Groceries or gas purchase). All in all it does a good job. 

I got the statements and started this from the January 1st of this year. This is so this will track the whole of this project of mine.

I did this so I can get a more accurate look at what is going, where my money is actually going and what my financial picture actually is. It sums it up in my “Financial Net Worth.” 

Right now I am worth more alive than dead because all I will leave is a pile of bills . . . Can I bequeath my bills to the government? 

Right now all of my net worth and debts chart is a sea of red. (not pretty). 

The idea is to see how things are and slowly see how they improve. The interesting thing is that about half of my money has gone towards my truck (ie: Payment, gas, insurance, parts etc).

Now that I will be getting my trailer hitch installed this Friday, and I spend so much on it. I am tempted to rent something to tow, just to tow something. 

But seriously, I am looking at using some of my tax refund (Stephen willing) to buy a used trailer. That is so I can actually, you know, enjoy my truck this warm season.

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