Sunday 16 March 2014

I Spent $9.52 This week . . . That’s It.

It has been a slow week, and I did that on purpose. I bought a meal at McDonalds and a frozen pizza (different times). 

I spend so much on my truck last weekend that this week (and next week too) I have decided to spend nothing . . . or as close to nothing as I can. 

The reason is that I get paid this Saturday and with rent due and a few bills I can’t put off, I am not sure that I will have enough to pay all that and quite get my heinie out of overdraft . . . again.

I know that I have (or rather, hope) my tax refund coming. I never count on it, I always consider it a bonus, as anything can happen between the time that you file your return and the time it comes to you. 

Somehow it never is quite what I hope, last year my $800.00 tax refund turned into a $23.00 bill. As you can see, I am more that a bit sceptical for this year’s refund. 

In the end, I am thankful for what I have, a job and a place to stay. I know that things will get better. 

I will stay on track and pay my first credit card within a few months, who knows, maybe sooner if I actually get the tax refund that my tax software told me was due. . . (Stephen willing).

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