Tuesday 8 December 2020

Shifting To The Next Phase

Okay, so as of this past Saturday (December 5, 2020) I will have been on this “Urban Nomad” Journey for 7 years. 

What that means is that I have been blogging about my life and my journey towards Debt Freedom and beyond for seven years (since December, 5, 2013).

As with all phases of life this one has come to a close, or rather shifted to the next phase, and like most changes, it came suddenly and subtly. 

I have been mentioning and working towards moving in with Kim as of the end of this month, as I wanted to meet a few savings targets first of all. 

As well, Kim and I have been working on our relationship and asking ourselves the great question, “Can I tolerate this person being around me more, long-term?” 

Well, one of thing things on the road to living together was the question as to where to put my clothes. Thankfully Kim did not say “In a cardboard box in the corner.”

So, off to a thrift store that is one of her favourite places to shop (I like a deal so why not).

We got there and found a nice dresser for a good price, yet it was not going to fit into Kim’s car (which was the original plan, I’m not kidding).

So that meant putting said dresser in a pickup truck. There is a guy in Kim’s neighbourhood who does runs for cheap, so we called him . . . but he was booked into next week.

And the thrift store only holds your stuff for two days.

So . . . since I do have a pickup truck but it is attached to Wanda, we were left with using my truck. 

We even thought about driving the truck, with Wanda attached, to the store and stuff the dresser into Wanda . . . but we realized how silly and chaotic that would be.

Since we had an eye on a particular RV storage lot anyways we just . . . put Wanda into storage and that was that, I had moved in with Kim.

Now, there was the matter of loading what stuff I wanted to keep with me into the truck while keeping Wanda in a state as so she could be lived in at a moment’s notice.

We picked up the dresser and spent that weekend (last weekend) organizing the bedroom and most of the house. It worked, as I didn’t bring much stuff.

The point is that now that I am living with Kim, I am no longer Nomadic in an Urban Setting.

My life has changed and I have moved on to another phase of it . . . living with Kim as we work towards our shared goal of starting the Homestead Freedom development.

We will still blog, but it will be a weekly blog at that website . . . www.homesteadfreedom.ca

I will post the links to it on my Facebook and Twitter, as I usually do, but it will be more about the project in general rather than my life.

I have done the living in the RV full-time and that is behind me (for now). Never say never, as who knows, I may be back living in Wanda full-time before long.

Then there is the phase where Kim and I head on out to buy and settle our land. That will be done living in Wanda.

As well, since I am sharing my life with someone (Kim) there is a measure of privacy expected when another person is involved. 

I don’t mind blogging about my life and my mistakes when it is just me, but I won’t go into such detail when it involves another person.

So, check out my/our new website or my Personal Facebook Profile or even our Facebook Group

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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