Tuesday 1 December 2020

Closing In On Closing-Out 2020

So, it is December first and so a new month begins. Yet this day is not all that much different from yesterday, as life just rolls along, uncaring about the calendar.

We know that this year has been less than grand, but if pressed I am sure that we can all come up with a number of good and positive things that happened this year, pandemic or no.

Yet it will do us all good to see the back of 2020; that much is certain.

Times are largely what you make it, largely shaped by your attitude. It really is how you look at things that will determine how “bad” they are.

Okay, if you get sick with Covid-19 that is bad, fine, I’ll grant you. Simply doing the necessary steps to help prevent its spread is not all that onerous or change your life all that much.

We can all just take bad things in stride and keep on moving forward or we can let the smallest thing stop us cold, like a pebble on the pavement for a shopping cart.

We have all been at a store and had our shopping cart stopped cold by the immovable small yet mighty rock. 

You can either back up and go around, power over it, or just stand there and give up on going shopping . . . the choice is yours . . . but if you let a pebble stop you, you’ll look silly.

My point is that when adversity strikes, just see it as a stubborn pebble and either go around it or power over it. The one thing you should not do is let it stop you cold.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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