Monday 28 June 2021

Back In The Saddle Again

So, I am once again single and living in Wanda as I work towards my goal of financial independence and home ownership. 

Things with Kim didn’t work out and so this past Sunday (yesterday at the time of publication) we ended things and I moved out of her place.

That is all that I will say about that as I don’t gossip, nor do I hate or begrudge her anything, it simply didn’t work out. 

So, here I find myself looking around my home on wheels and taking stock of what I have and what I need, both in the literal and philosophical sense.

I don’t have specific savings targets or other exact goals, just a general sense to trudge onwards and build up my savings to the point that I can buy something (house and/or land) and be okay on it.

I still feel a bit lost with all that has happened, but I just know that I have to build my savings and work towards my goals of home ownership and financial independence.

We shall see how things go and what happens. 

For now I will be doing this blog once a week until things get more exciting in my life.

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  1. Sorry to hear that sir. I would like to say I understand, as I have been there more than once, but alas I do not understand how to keep a relationship going, and when they go bad, they go real bad! But I do feel your pain. Best I can do is rip-off some good advice I once heard...Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!