Friday 14 February 2020

To Mobile or not to Mobile

I have been considering how long I should be building my savings. As in how long should I live in this RV and work where I work (or work at all).

The current plan is to work for a few more years and buy that land, start the homestead and all that.

Yet doubts have started to creep in as to the wisdom of that plan. For one, do I want to do all of that work on my own? (‘cause I would be all on my own.)

For another, is it wise to quit working ten to twelve years before I can get any sort of pension? (and/or be kicked out of the working world).

If I am to continue to live in an RV (indefinitely) then I would want to be more comfortable . . . as in year round comfortable.

After my working life I could drive around and tour place, all in my all electric RV (converted school bus).

Again, possibilities and thoughts, mainly centring around the wisdom of my current plan.

We shall see what shakes out, but for now at least, I am going to continue to live in my Wanda and put as much cash into savings as I can.

What the future holds, who knows, the one thing I do know is that whatever I do, savings will be needed. That is something I can do now to build for my future.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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