Friday 7 December 2018

Slow and Steady Progress

So, today is Payday (yay) and as always I am looking beyond this Payday and on to the next one. 

This is because I have all but locked down my plans and budget for this Payperiod and so I must now turn my attention to the one to come. 

This is how I do what I do, how I steadily move ahead. I plan the next Payperiod’s Budget whilst implementing and obeying the current Payperiod’s Budget.

This is because actions taken within this Payperiod impacts the next Payperiod’s budget. How?

Well first of all, whatever cash I spend out of my Wallets (Petty Cash Departments) I have to put back (in multiples of $20.00) in the next Payperiod’s Budget.

The next is whatever I charge on a credit card, I have to pay off in the next Payperiod’s budget.

Then of course there is the Income side of the next Payperiod’s Budget, and that comes from my Paycheque.

I always estimate what my upcoming Paycheque will be while I am inside the current Payperiod. 

This is so I have no great shocks when I hold that Paycheque in my hand. Shocks as in I overestimated what it would be and now have to slash and burn my budget. 

I prefer to be a bit on the conservative side and underestimate (slightly) what my upcoming Paycheque will be. That way I have the fun time of deciding what to do with extra money.

At any rate, by keeping my focus on two payperiods at a time, I can steadily progress onward and upward by using each Paycheque as a stepping stone to the next one.

If you master budgeting and cash flow, you can do wonders with your life, trust me.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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