Tuesday 20 November 2018

Why Do I Still Do This?

I got asked yesterday why I am still living in my RV Trailer even though I became Debt Free last year.

To me the answer is obvious and self-explanatory, but I will break it down anyways. 

I do this, still live in Wanda and freeze my tuchus off because I am worth more to me than just existing. 

I want more than to just pay bills, live comfortably and die. 

I am more than just a cash-sprinkler. (If you don’t get it right away, pause and think on that term for a moment, it will come to you.)

I froze my tuchus off to pay the banks off, now I am freezing my tuchus off in order to pay me . . . to build up savings.

I won’t do this forever, but I will do it so I can have what I want: a home, land, a community, and do so without debt.

I do this for myself, my future, my dreams and yes for those who will come to settle in my town in the future. 

Even if it is just me and my future wife (whoever she is) in a cabin somewhere, peaceful, remote, and beautiful, that will be okay too.

So, in short, I still live in Wanda, because I choose to, because I can, and because I am building my future, after having paid off my past . . . and bought my freeeeeedooooom!

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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