Monday 27 April 2020

Weekend Accomplishment: Peed In My Toilet

Yep, it has come to that were I celebrate being able to (and doing) peeing in my own toilet. 

For those of you who have forgotten I have had a peeberg in my Black Water Tank since early in January. 

It has taken till now to melt enough so that I could drain the tank enough so that I was comfortable using my toilet again. 

I decided to take a chance that the warm weather this week had melted the peeberg enough to make dumping a good idea. 

I was happy to see that rush of “water” rushing out after opening up the valve for the Black Water Tank. 

Yet, as I look at this I know that sure I can use my toilet and for that matter my sinks. I still can’t use my fresh water tank and won’t until I de-winterize.

I can’t de-winterize until I stay at a campground, and with most of them closed it is unlikely I will do so anytime soon.

Also with me on yet another goal-driven savings drive, I don’t feel like spending the cash to stay at a campground for the weekend to de-winterize and sort out my belongings. 

I am beginning to have the same debate that I have every year at this time . . . is it worth it to de-winterize?

I only use my fresh water tanks for washing my hands and flushing my toilet. I can use the tap in the sink but again, I barely use them when they are functioning.

This is because most of the year my lines are winterized, so I can’t use them. This year is special in that nobody is moving about and spending cash unnecessarily is foolish.

I will continue doing what I am doing, and try to save as much as I can, as seems to be the wisest course of action while I am still allowed to keep working and earning.

But, it was a good weekend, especially since I am able to pee in my toilet, and not a bottle. 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!



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