Thursday 30 April 2020

The Nice Life Impulse Returns

With the warm weather comes the realization that this life is not all that bad. The warmer weather brings back the thoughts of “I can do this for another few years.”

The really cold weather (January, February, and March) all bring with it the questioning of my life’s choices and the “why am I doing this?” thoughts.

So to come the “maybe I should rent a room for those months?” thoughts. Or even perhaps renting a place to plug my trailer in (so I could run my electric heater).

If I did find a place to plug in that would be difficult as I could not (and would not) leave the trailer and go to work with my electric heater plugged in all day.

If I were to do that, it would be me coming home to a frozen trailer and spending the evening and night trying to heat the trailer up.

But I digress . . . 

At this point of the year when the weather is warm, I get filled with thoughts of “this lifestyle is not so bad.” 

I also think over all of the wonderful goal and dreams that I can and will accomplish as long as I stick it out, stay frugal, and continue to work my plan.

I am well aware that time is against me, and that if I don’t start The Homesteading Phase by the time I turn 55, I should probably rethink the whole plan.

Again, we shall see what happens when I get closer to that date. All I need to know now is that my future will require cash, so I had best gather it up while I can.

I do not want to live in my RV for the rest of my life, it is not something I want to do long-term, but it is a means to an end: namely that land and that Homestead.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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