Monday 11 December 2017

The Last Goal (To Achieve This Year)

As is usual, I have been keeping an eye on not only my Budget Spreadsheets but also my Paycheque Estimator. 

I have long since had a tab on my work timesheet/spreadsheet that estimates what my paycheque will look like. I originally called this my “Will I Make Rent” tab.

At the beginning of my Payday Cycle it looks bleak, as the only thing that is on that thing are my hours (no sales, you see).

Yet as time moves on and sales actually happen, that magic number at the bottom of that Paycheque Estimator keeps increasing. 

This will be my last Timesheet and so my last Paycheque of the year. So this is my last chance to actually make that savings target that I have set for myself (months ago). 

I have already achieved/will achieve the following Goals:

Reactivated my Personal Overdraft (Done)
Put my Target $ into RRSP.
Reactivate all of my Wallets (I drained a couple during the final push.)

My last goal is to put a Target $ into my Mid-Term Savings Account, so as to give me a leg up on funding that to my Two Years of Living Expenses.

(Otherwise known as the “I’m Not F@$ked Fund!”)

I will keep working at it and trying to find a way to make that last goal happen, while not jeopardizing the other goals.

I won’t really know until I get my paycheque (on the 22nd) but it would be a nice way to end the year. 

(So, oh look, more frugalness in my future . . . who knew.) 

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive and keep moving forward!

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