Tuesday 8 November 2016

Why I Stay Mobile

There are drawbacks and benefits to being always mobile and always being at home, no matter where you are. 

There are days when I muse about somehow finding a way to stake a claim to a small parcel of land and setting down roots, yet that is not to be, not yet anyways.

I had a reminder this past weekend of just how important it is that I keep Wanda hitched to Trea and ever-mobile. 

It was time for the semi-annual servicing of Trea (my truck) so the simple solution was to park Wanda across the road, unhitch and wait in there while the truck was being serviced.

I decided to be generous and let them keep Trea, all day. After all, I didn’t have anywhere particular to go, and I was, after all, still at home.

I wasn’t bothering anyone, the street was an unassuming side street and there were no parking limitations (i.e. pay parking, or time limited parking).

Well, I had only been there for a few hours when a bylaw officer came pulling up with modern ticket book I hand.

Someone had complained to the city about the grievous and heinous offence of a “detached RV trailer parked within the city limits.”

The officer was nice and understood that my truck was in for service (at the dealership that he was parked in front of) and that I had only been there a few hours. 

Apparently it made a big difference that I was actually with the trailer, I’m not sure why, but maybe that means that it has not been “abandoned.”

After that, I then politely asked the dealership to hurry up, as I was unsure how the next (and there would be) bylaw officer would be and I didn’t want a ticket or further hassle with the fuzz.

They obliged and I was on my way in a few hours yet it reminded me that I can’t just find a forlorn patch of dirt, unhitch and make a home, not anywhere near civilization anyways.

I have thought about renting a space in the back of someone’s house, you know beside the garage in the back. 

I think that I might be able to be there for about three days before the neighbours would freak out and call the city on me. Again, I don’t need the hassle or the expense.

Then again, I could just park my trailer and live in my Western Home, as I have seen others do. 

I just don’t like the idea of disconnecting and leaving Wanda anywhere so, public. Nor do I like the idea of taking advantage so extremely of the generosity of my weekend hosts.

I will keep Wanda attached to Trea, and keep moving around, as I have been. I have less than a year to go before I am totally debt free. 

After that I work towards buying a place, something that is mine and somewhere where I can put down roots. Until then I will stay mobile.

As always: Keep your head up, your attitude positive, and keep moving forward!

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